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Risking Life and Limb. Celebrating fifty years of the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation by Judy Whiteside

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Winner of The Great Outdoors Book of the Year Award 2016

The history of the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation is essentially the history of every mountain rescue team in England and Wales, and this book tells that story, reaching back far beyond 1965, the year OVMRO was formed.

Many aspects of rescue have changed since three inspired young men followed their dream to North Wales to set up a private mountaineering school at Ogwen Cottage. But the voluntary ethic and extraordinary commitment of those who leave their work, families – and often their beds – at the ping of an SMS, remains strong. And there are stories here which will resonate with everyone with an interest in the mountains.

'Risking Life and Limb' plots the development of all those things which have changed: the equipment, the training, the technology, the inevitable paperwork. There are incidents and anecdotes aplenty and a liberal sprinkling of 'Oggi' humour (a constant thread throughout the fifty years) as team members past and present, family members and casualties talk about their experiences.

Written by Judy Whiteside, editor of Mountain Rescue Magazine, the book is beautifully illustrated by George Manley.

Published by Ogwen Valley MRO. 210 x 146 x 16mm. 300 pages.


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