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LedLenser K6R Safety Keychain Light (Rose Gold)

  • £2795

Ultra-compact yet powerful keychain light with shrill alarm to warn off danger or signal for help, the Ledlenser K6R Safety has up to 400 lumens and a shrill alarm for emergency situations. It can be quickly and easily recharged via the simple fold out USB-A interface.

Features and benefits:

  • Shrill alarm and light: loud alarm (100dB) and powerful light that are easily accessible for emergencies, to ward off danger or signal for help
  • Fold-out USB-A: reliable charging that is quick and easy to use; no cables required
  • Always within reach: carabiner lets you easily attach to keychain, backpack or purse
  • Transport lock: lock protects against unintentional switching on
  • Charge level indicator: always know how much battery life is available.

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