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Gift Wrapping

  • £800

A Unique Gift

All of the items in our shop can now be gift wrapped in our unique MREW branded wrapping paper and delivered directly to the recipient on your behalf.

How it Works

Simply add all of the items that you would like to be gift wrapped into your basket along with this gift wrap service (you can do this using the "add to cart" button above). We will then wrap all items as one present using our unique MREW branded wrapping paper. We will send your order to the address that you provide as "Shipping Address" during checkout. If you would like this gift to be delivered directly to its recipient please use their address here.

Adding a Message or Delaying Delivery

If you would like to include a personalised message with your present, or time the delivery for a special date you can do so by emailing us on Please use your order number as the subject and try to complete this as soon as possible after compleating your order.

Please Note

Unfortunately, due to our books being distributed from a separate location it is not possible for us to wrap books with other merchandise purchased in the same order.

Due to this, we would like to request that if the gift wrap service is required for orders mixed in this way, items are placed as separate orders.

Thank you.