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How to Climb Everest

How to Climb Everest

  • £999

by KAMI RITA SHERPA. What does it take to climb the world's highest mountain? This delightful short book reveals everything you need to know about climbing Mount Everest – and who better to tell you than Kami Rita Sherpa, a Nepali guide who holds the record for most ascents to the summit of this extraordinary mountain. In May 2019 he scaled the mountain for the 24th time. From practical considerations to mental preparation, Kami Rita Sherpa leans on years of experience to disclose his secrets: what to pack, how to train, how to embrace pressure, how to persevere when exhaustion threatens to take over you, how to deal with panic, how to know when to stop and how to cope with defeat. And there are pearls of spiritual wisdom in there too.

Hardback. 64 pages. 118 x 185 x 12 mm. Published by Quercus Publishing.


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